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Direktor sektora za razvoj proizvoda Birgit Serruys

Direktor sektora za razvoj proizvoda Birgit Serruys

19 oktobar 2023 u Tretmani u salonu

5 min vreme za čitanje

Tech Talk n°1 Will glitters dissappear from beauty salons?

Banning glitters?

Will glitters disappear from beauty salons? Absolutely not! However, there are some changes happening.  

The EU Commission has taken important action to fight microplastic pollution in the environment. To address this issue, the European Union has adopted Regulation (EU) 2023/2055, which restricts the use of synthetic polymer microplastics. This regulation comes into force on October 17, 2023, and it also affects glitters used in cosmetic products. 


What are microplastics exactly?

So, what exactly are microplastics? They’re synthetic polymer particles, or in simpler terms, plastics, that are smaller than 5 mm which are organic, insoluble, and not biodegradable.  

There is however a lot of misinformation circulating about this topic in the press and on social media.  


Until when microplastics can be sold?

Now, it's important to note that the contribution of microplastics from cosmetics and personal care products to overall aquatic plastic litter is very small. The European Commission recognizes this and, in the absence of sufficient alternatives, has granted the beauty industry a transition period of twelve years.  

Depending on the type of beauty product and its form, cosmetic products containing synthetic polymer microparticles, including glitters, can continue to be sold and used until certain dates:  

  • October 17, 2027, for rinse-off cosmetics like shower gels, shampoos, and scrubs.  
  • October 17, 2029, for leave-on cosmetics such as hand creams, face creams, and body oils.  
  • October 17, 2035, for nail, lip, and makeup products.  

So nail products containing microplastics can still be used until October 17, 2035, after which they will be fully banned. From October 17, 2031, until the ban takes effect in 2035, any product containing microplastics must clearly state "This product contains microplastics" on the label.  

As of October 17, 2023, the sale of plastic glitters on their own, known as "loose glitters," will be banned. However, it's important to note that not all glitters are considered microplastics. Some glitters are made from mineral, biological, biodegradable, or water-soluble materials, and there are no restrictions on their use.  

Lastly, products containing microplastics, including glitter, that were already on the market before October 17, 2023, do not need to be recalled or withdrawn. They can continue to be sold and used until they run out of stock.  

These measures are a significant step towards protecting the environment from pollution and making the world a safer and healthier place.  


Where does ProNails stand today on microplastics?

We are proud to share that ProNails is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of our products. As a brand, we believe that glitter is a wonderful addition to our lives, both now and in the future. That's why we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that our products align with our eco-friendly values. At ProNails, we have already made significant strides by using plastic-free mineral or biologically based alternatives in many of our products.  


Additionally, we are actively exploring the development of bio-degradable glitters. Our dedication to providing safe and environment-friendly options is unwavering. We prioritize compliance with the European Cosmetics legislation EU 1223/ 2009, as well as other relevant EU regulations, including the restriction of microplastics. Our goal is to offer our customers products that not only meet the highest safety standards but also contribute to a healthier environment.   


No microplastics in these ProNails products

One example of our commitment to sustainability can be seen in our ProNails hand and foot care scrubs. These scrubs contain exfoliating sugar crystals that are 100% biodegradable, water-soluble, and environmentally friendly.  


Additionally, we utilize mineral glitters in the form of flakes and mica from natural sources in various products, such as the BFLEX gels, Beauty Boost Cuticle and Body Oil, Sapphire Rose Shimmer, Sopolish Shine Rose Shimmer, and a wide range of colours.   


We are proud to mention that our Sapphire Silver Shimmer utilizes a biodegradable shimmer. Rest assured, we are continuously researching and developing new, safe, and environmentally friendly alternatives to further enhance our product range.   

With ProNails, you can trust that we are working tirelessly to provide you with friendly, sustainable options that benefit both you and the world we live in.   

Direktor sektora za razvoj proizvoda Birgit Serruys

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Direktor sektora za razvoj proizvoda Birgit Serruys


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